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Hydrotherapy Fitness

Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to get many show and competition dogs to a great fitness level. We recommend that all performance dogs include swimming into their pre-and post-conditioning training. Swimming is an excellent cross training tool and increases cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Muscle strength and correct fitness levels will decrease some dogs risk of injury. Post-competition it is a great way to decrease any inflammation caused by high level activity and places no concussive pressure on joints whilst relieving muscle stiffness through gentle exercise.

Hydrotherapy at Noahs Crossing Vet Clinic


Breeding Dogs:

Cost: 45 minutes use of pool with registered hydrotherapist ensuring tailored swimming program for $75.00. This means you can bring multiple dogs to this session. We would initially recommend 2-3 dogs as this will allow you to dry and house one dog and be ready to bring the next dog to the hydrotherapist.

This will allow you to maximise your pool swimming time. Alternatively, you could bring an assistant. Additional dogs can be bought once we achieve an efficient session.

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